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return policy
Our return policy is a part of our terms and conditions must be read. We reserve the right to change this policy at any returns.

It is important that you check upon receipt of your order or items, and always check for use. If there are errors or problems, you need to notify us immediately so we can investigate.

Before you return an order, please contact our customer service to request a return authorization number. Without this number, it can be difficult to process your return, which means that the process can take longer.

Your legal rights
Our return policy does not affect your statutory rights.

cancellation right
You have the right to cancel the contract within 14 days without giving reasons.

The notice period from the date of getting the expiration of 14 days, or taken over by other than the actual possession of the goods from the carrier parties.

If you have the right to cancel exercise, you need (for example, by selecting to send the appropriate option or a letter by mail in your account) to inform us of your decision to cancel this contract by a clear statement. You can use the following sample model withdrawal form, but it is not mandatory. Make sure you return the product unopened and original packaging. You do not need the goods in its original state, no retail seal required uninterrupted.

Effect of cancellation
If you cancel this contract, we will all payments received, including shipping (unless you select the type of delivery, the most expensive type of standard delivery, we offer below) to repay.

If your loss is the result of unnecessary treatment, we can be deducted from the value of the loss compensation of goods offered.

We will no longer, by the date of repayment to the following:
(A) 14 days after we receive all the goods you provide; or (S) (if earlier) you provide proof that you have the goods returned after 14 days, or (C) If there is no supply of goods, we were told that your decision to cancel the contract after the date of 14 days.

We will be the same payment method you used to be repaid the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise use. In any case, you will not be reimbursed for any costs incurred. You need the direct costs of return.

I hereby notify that I canceled my contract for the sale of the following goods:

Order number:
Customer Name:
Customer Address:
Customer Signature (paper Send only):

If I receive an incorrect item, how can I do?

We have high standards when it comes to packing your orders, but errors occur from time to time. If you received a wrong item, please excuse us. As part of the objectives of our customers, we will do our best to resolve your questions quickly and easily, absolutely inconvenient.

We will consider a separate audit product recurs in some cases, we can learn more, as needed photographs, so we can choose the best course of action. Our goal is to provide you with the quickest solution.

If my project is damaged, how can I do?
While our attention during transport to prevent damage to your property, but problems may arise. If you receive a damaged item, please excuse us.

We ask you to reject any delivery, but accepted the goods and immediately contact us. Refusal may even lead to the return of the packet delay.

You can contact your account with us through online message center. Please supply your data to any damage caused by the photo. Our team will be the details, and offer the best solutions for your questions.

How do I report my fault product?
We apologize if you think your project mistakes, we seriously address the quality of our products all complaints, we will need more detailed examination of the reported fault.

To do this, we ask you to online message center via your account with us. Please provide details of the fault and, where possible, to take pictures to your message.

How to arrange the return?
Please contact our customer service to arrange your return.

We need to know your order number, you want to return the goods and the reason for the return. Upon receipt of this information, we will provide you with a unique RMA number and all the information necessary arrangements for the return.

Keep packaged goods, and ensure that our return form in the interior.

When you send your project to us, you must obtain a proof of postage receipt. International revealed no cost, but without it we may not be able to process your refund or replacement in the unlikely event that your product is lost during transport.

If you request a replacement product, and the product is no longer available, we will use back to the original account to process purchase the item. The return of an item is, you agree is your responsibility until it reaches our warehouse. So make sure that you use the delivery service to send your product to us to ensure that the value of your goods.

Your refund my shipping costs to return the goods?
We would love to repay the cost of postage to return an item because of our mistakes, need to return. For example:

If we send you the wrong item
If the item is damaged or defective
When you return a replacement product, you do not want to keep

We do not refund shipping costs, return unwanted or no longer needed items. These costs must be borne by you, we recommend that you use a delivery service, to ensure that the value of your goods.

We will not refund the cost of postage to return an item due to damage or malfunction of the report, during the test found no errors. Bring it back to your project will depend cost of the project, and after bringing the completion of the testing process to you.

If all the items we have to deal with the return or replacement are not satisfied with the way we would want to know. Our goal is to resolve your problem, and you can use our customer service representatives contact